Image of tweeds and tartans available from Kates Original Kilts of Inveraray
All Kates Originals kilts are made totally by hand, using the finest Scottish materials including organic canvasses and linings, red deer hide buckles and straps, 100% wool tweeds and tartans. The kilt here is for a child age 7/8 however the basic construction is the same for an adult. After receiving your measurements and choice of fabric your kilt is carefully measured out. As most tartan fabrics come in double width a join in the fabric is made and hidden in the pleats.
Measuring up a Kates Original handmade kilt
Harris Tweed usually comes in single width and therefore is sewn in a single length. Once this is completed the final marking out is done. Now the most time consuming part begins, the sewing of the pleats.
Joining two halfs of tartan to creat a single width
Depending on the size of the person wearing the kilt or personal preference, the number of pleats can differ from around ten to thirty. With tartan this can be to the sett or the stripe. All Kates Original kilts are lifted, in other words the pleats are back stitched just below the seatline to give a more sturdy well formed kilt, although more time consuming an essential part of a quality kilt. The pleats are then cut out to reduce bulk. Basting the pleats keeps them in place ready for pressing.
A completed Kates Original kilt
Organic canvasses are firmly attached before buckles and straps which are made from the finest red deer hide, doubled for extra strength and embossed with the Kates Original logo.
A basted kilt ready for pressing
All buckles are solid brass, but can also be nickel plated solid brass as shown.The kilt we are following is a child's and is fitted with standard cowhide straps and buckles. The outer apron is dimpled and finishes as well as the inner apron, leaving room for future adjustments if needed. Two hangers are fitted so that the kilt can be hung when complete. The waist band is attached making sure it matches the weave on the front apron.
Deer hide bucles and strap for a Kates Original kilt
The lining can now be fitted after opening the vent and bar tacking it for strength. The kilt is now ready for final pressing before it is folded and hung up ready for postage or collection .
A completed Kates Original Kilt
A kilt is not just for formal wear, it's for anywhere!
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